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4/12/10 01:58 am - Things are Getting Interesting...

Well, the landlord changeover has been, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! I'll be glad to be shot of some of it tomorrow, but there is no way in *hell* I believe it's gonna be over that simply. I just fricking know it. Mainly because my landlord (who is nice as anything, but new as heck to all this) has not handed me a copy of the darn tenancy agreement, and has gone on holiday, so I can't ask him *now*. All this paperwork, and associated hassle, has meant I haven't had time to do this week's ChoW *again*.

Naturally, I'm a bit annoyed about that. Of course, it's not all unavoidable. For example, good samaritan that I am, I've been pulling a lot of all nighters helping people clear up their confusion. I've got a lot of concerned talks from my ladyfriend M and my cariad Kira about this, among other people, and I can perfectly understand their concern, but... well, it's the way I am, y'know? I may be a cock at times, enjoy inappropriate humour, and I may be *incredibly* cynical about the world, but... deep down, I'm a bleeding heart, y'know? I can't idly stand by and watch someone in trouble without helping somehow... But in at least one case, I'm gonna have to, because both M and Kira are most likely right about this individual... and possibly the other too, although I consider it less likely.

Anyways, for those old friends reading this, and thinking "Oh, God in heaven above and all the baby cherubs, he's wasting his money again!", rest your mind on that. Bills are all being paid, and I even talked to Natwest's credit department directly about that damn overdraft (they're at least listening this time, even if they immediately say "Well, we can't do this no matter how much it would let us be shot of you" in a more polite fashion...) So life's alright there.

Anyway, things are moving, and much quicker than anybody in my close-ish circle anticipated. And by anybody, I really *mean* anybody. That's worrying me a lot more than I'm lettin' on (until now), because when things *really* start moving, I guess there'll be damn good *cause* for gettin' worried. Oh, I could bitch about certain things right now, but I think I'll leave it at "Damn, I wish the timing of all of this could be better!"

But time and tide wait for no man, woman, or thing, so... Even though there's not a lot I can do about the speed of things... I'm still trying my damnedest, and losing sleep over it too. Like I said: I'm a bleeding heart like that.

2/20/10 05:50 pm - Wow... what an... interesting sense of priorities!

I was just looking, harmlessly, for the prices of the Wing Commander games on Amazon, when I notice something... odd.

Fleet Action and Heart of the Tiger (two of the Wing Commander novels... betcha didn't know they existed, didja?)... and a *very* interesting price discrepancy between the "new" and the used... Ok... new Heart of the Tiger (Bennett Books USA) - £156.02, + shipping (£2.75)... used? £5.73 to £12.46 (+ shipping) for "Very Good" condition, and £29.97 (+ shipping, of course), for "Like New" ... Jeeest a tad of a difference in price there, padre!

I'm just wondering how many people paid such money for other books that are sold by this company?

In other news, Amber Diceless' lowest price has thankfully gone down again... £43, effectively.

2/14/10 02:01 pm - First Session in a long time...

Well, had the first gaming session with Chris, Paul, Alec and Morse in Haverfordwest last night. They're great people, and I really enjoyed the game so far... shame it's another three weeks till the next one, but hey, what can you do, eh? Everyone enjoyed the frikadellen I brought to the table, and, as far as I can tell, the game too!

Campaign is up at Obsidian Portal, here:

2/12/10 08:10 pm - In SHOCK and HORROR.

Trust me, kids, if that sounds dramatic, it's because what just happened is also. I was on the Chip Coffey forums (no, don't ask) trying to debate a simple thing such as the need for common information and knowledge, and, because I disagreed with the mod too heavily, she (Sandra Lynn Sparks) DELETED THE ENTIRE THREAD. I'm horrified.

She and I are arguing over the question "Does everyone have a spirit guide?"

All the experiences and research I've done says no. She says yes.

She then defines spirit guides as "spirits formed from our consciousness that help us" , which I point out is closer to the definition of a tulpa, not a spirit guide.

She tells me I need newer definitions, after I show her the wiki entries on spirit guides and tulpas, respectively.

I point out that the definitions are older than *both of us*

She parks (or deletes, I'm not actually sure) THE ENTIRE THREAD.

This is her justification.

"Let us get this clear right now:

For all your arrogance, you are not an expert, and you are not in even the tiniest bit in charge of this board. I do what I do to include people, and help them reach their own awareness, not to make them feel excluded because it is not possible for them to do something, who are they? You want to show off, go do your crane position in front of a mirror. Got it? If you don't, you're gone."


I am *literally* horrified. And then another member (a fellow taoist, although not lapsed, like I am) says that maybe we're gonna get booted, too...

And this is a forum to *help* people? Oh, FUCK.

2/12/10 12:57 am - The weird world of the Nethernet...

Well, this is a weird concept! But still fun...

This is the Nethernet, the PMOG... give it a go, peeps... it's random, but seems a fun type of ARG (Alternate Reality Game)... Not much been happening in other news, but hey, we'll see how it goes!

2/3/10 01:02 pm - Jay Wars Episode IV: Some New Spam...

Well, already people are finding ways around Hotmail's spam filter (gee, what a surprise!) and I am getting spam emails again. But bonus points for trying, guys!

Let's see... we have one where the whole spam is fit in the subject line (which is quite impressive, in and of itself), basically asking you to mail them all your details to get shifted to a new account with *huge* compound interest... Well, that's *technically* true, in that each time some poor schmuck gets suckered, said account grows a lot over a few short months!

Ahhh, and this one: Subject line - I hope I finally found the right address... basically, from the words "ever since you left the country", my spam-sense tingled! I read more, and, lo and behold, the standard "you have been left lots of money, but I need your bank details to do it."

Er... ever heard of cheques? After all, I could just tell you to mail it to such and such, care of...? But since this is spam, we're not after consistent, logical thought here, just phishing.

In other news, I'm considering making some Let's Play videos, but am having a hard time deciding what. After all, people have already LPed some of my true faves, and others I just can't be arsed with (I mean, who would want to LP Pariah? It's a poor game, imho, and not worth it.)

So far, the only choices I have are all space shooters: Battle of Endor, Battle of Yavin, and The Last Starfighter... all indie remakes of various arcade games, including the one that doesn't technically exist from the film of the same name.

Any ideas would be cool.

2/2/10 11:55 am - I hate weeks like this

Okay, so, in 5 minutes or so, I'm going to get my washing dried. Enough time for an update. Ready? here we go:


Yeah, that about sums it up. It's too fecking wet to go out for anything but business, I'm too damn unmotivated, tired, and down to do *anything* vaguely creative (no work + no money + too wet to talk to random people = Bored + Tired + Down) , and, on top of that, things are not great, financially (I mean, I have food, and I can just about pay the bills, but christ... when March comes around... I don't even wanna think about it!)

Plus, the leccy meter went down almost a fiver in one day! HOW?!? Was it the toaster? was it the hob and the oven on at the same time? WHAT?!?

On the sole upside: I have the money to pay back a loan I made from a friend, and I have something to go with the meat I have. Oh, and I'm alive.

I'm not a praying man, but, man... am I praying for a financial miracle right now!

2/1/10 12:40 pm - Do Critics Actually *Watch* Films?

I've been reading the critical reviews of one of my old favourites (John Carpenter's "In The Mouth of Madness"), and they're making my head hurt. Mainly because so many of them miss things that are almost *shouted* at them from the script. One critic finds a huge problem with Trent (Sam Neil's character) going to Hobb's End despite not reading the books... er, you mean, after he read some of them, and made a map of the state out of Sutter Caine's own damn book covers? (The critic also misses the obvious "I wrote you" bit...)

Another thinks of it as a King homage. Er, no. Lovecraft homage... y'know, the big elder beasties are a pretty HUGE CLUE, RANDOM FILM CRITIC IN RANDOM NEWSPAPER! *pant pant pant* Yeah, so King wrote stories mainly based around the Maine area... so? Lovecraft mainly wrote his stories around the town of Arkham, and its local Massacheusets environs... and had a lot more in common with this film than King's work.

Yeesh. Do these people actually watch the films, or do they just write random distasteful comments about stuff, while occasionally writing a piece saying "OMIGOD, THIS IS SO L33T IT'S AMAZING!"

Yes, I know, completely random bilious attack. You get used to them around me.

1/31/10 03:34 pm - Something to Remember.

Right, I'm writing this in my LJ because it's something I semi-regularly write in, and so will see this. The B Movie that freaked me out when I was a kid was "What Waits Below", made in 1984. There. As soon as my birthday comes round, I'll remember that.

So, what else has happened? sod all. No call back from the lady who's meant to call back (bad sign), no new job opps... it's all been rather boring really. Oh, and my arm is numb from just 10 minutes of Audiosurf...


Fluke - Atom Bomb
The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode
and another dance track I don't remember just now... But that was a killer too, even on Casual (yes, I'm too scared to go Pro or Ninja just yet...)

Bioshock is alright, doing alright on that (at the Farmer's Market, so getting close to the Ryan level, apparently.) But fighting Big Daddies isn't nearly as hard as it was made out to be. In fact, the hardest thing I've faced so far is a napalm turret... *sigh* ... oh, well, we'll see how it goes. At least there's no silly "achievement" malarkey, like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Fallout 3... Speaking of which... lemme see... at least the achievements aren't as silly as B:AA (I mean, seriously... You get GamerPoints for throwing a remote batarang in a circle?!?) although that Bobblehead achievement is apparently quite tough if you're not on the ball... Oh, well...

Anyway, assignment sorted, and the next two beckon... yes, two... we're at that awkward time of year again, folks. Where I have two OU courses on the go at once. Advanced Creative Writing, and Exploring the English Language (aka Linguistics (English))... ho-hum...

1/27/10 10:08 am - An Encouraging Beginning.

Well, I just got hold of Mr. Eirian Evans regarding the possibility of volunteer youth work within Pembs (sorted by PCC), and the results so far are encouraging. They seem a bit wowed that I know about digital art (why, I have *no* idea, but hey, maybe I should have told them I also do the odd bit of coding... well, the very-rare bit...) and that I already have a BCS-1 (even though I'm self taught to *above* ECDL Advanced... ho-hum.) So he's passing on my details to the *real* head honcho of the scheme, and with a bit of luck, in a month, maybe two, we're good for some youth work!

Ahhh, I do so hope this goes well, I've been wanting to do something like this for aaaaages!
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